Documentary About The Camino


We have for the last ten years been filming and researching and walking the Camino. With the intention of producing a documentary series which will be aimed at providing an ultimate guide to the Camino. We are using a lot of interview footage and the intention is to tell people about the Camino using the personal stories of those who are travelling the Camino. We have also used a drone to provide fantastic aerial footage which gives yet another prospective on the Camino.

The main part of this project is to produce a 12 part series covering the Camino from St Jean to Santiago. We know that everybody has their own views about the Camino and we are trying to get a general consensus. One of our executive producers has walked the Camino 5 times and is currently walking it for a 6th time, he also walked from London to Jerusalem.

Our main aim is to provide an answer to that common problem that pilgrims discover on their return home, when somebody asks “ So tell us all about the Camino”. Hopefully when the project is complete, the question can be answered by just handing them a copy of the DVD.

When we say complete, the project will always be ongoing, for the past 10 years we have been adding footage and each year upgrading the cameras we use. We will continue to do this and hopefully add to the series where required.

This website is designed to give you a taste of what will be in the documentary series. The website itself is not intended to be a guide to walking the Camino as there are plenty of other websites that do an excellent job. The documentary is not intended to replace guide books but will offer general advice from those, that have travelled the Camino. It will be part of a good preparation for thiose thinking of taking part and hopefully it will provide a great souvenir  for those that have completed the Camino.

We do not think that we will get things perfect at our first attempt, even although we have spent ten years on the project, so we will welcome positive feedback from anybody.

Our intention is that the documentary should be finished early in 2017 but this may be slightly optimistic. If you are interested in the project and want to be kept informed as to the progress of the documentary please send an email to the producer and he can add your email address to the future mailing list.

In addition if you have any pictures of footage you want to share and could see as being a contribution to this project please contact the producer at the email address above. We are also looking for people who have completed the Camino that would be willing to be interviewed, if you fall into that category please drop us an email.

Click on the link below to see a short 11 minute extract from the series


The Ultimate Guide To The Camino